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Updated 01/11/00


Here are some of my favorite Real/Audio and Mp3 clips.  If for some reason some of these links dont work, dont blame my ass cuz it aint my fault(they aint all mine).....

Motley Crue-Primal Scream  (Live from Devore, CA 8/14/99 Featuring RANDY CASTILLO on drums) **NEW**

Tommy Lee Drum Solo from 3/17/90 (Live from Detroit 3/17/90) **NEW**

Motley Crue-Slice of your pie   (Live from Detroit 3/17/90) **NEW**

Metallica-Seek & Destroy (Live from Woodstock 1999))

Nikki Sixx/Randy Castillo Interview (Motley Crue)

Kid Rock Interview

Ted Nugent Interview

Lars Ulrich Interview (Metallica)

Motley Crue- Too Young To Fall In Love-  (From the new Live ENTERTAINMENT OR DEATH album)

Nikki Sixx Interview (Video)-This link will take you directly to the House of Blues site where it will give you different options                                                 on viewing interview.


*These links above are from wriflogo1.gif (3264 bytes) and hoblogo.gif (3541 bytes). Two Great Sites!!!